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Wall-E Project

The final project of the post-production class at UCI, I redesigned the audio for a short clip of Pixar's Wall-E.

A few design choices were affected by Covid: Sound effects are a combination of curation from libraries and Foley in my home. Wall-E's movements are a combination of edited recordings of hand weights and arduino-controlled servos that I had access to.

Vocal performances guided the characterization of Wall-E and Eve. Wall-E is performed by friend and accomplice, Noel Nichols, and Eve is my own voice. The characterization of Eve, in particular, was driven by interest in toying with the gender characterization of robots, and is a small homage to the Goliath robots in Robocop and StarCraft.


[this was a pandemic project, so it was mixed for headphones]

The Planet of the Malt O-Monster

A design project at Colorado State University, I was assigned a short section of an unnamed 1960's SciFi movie to re-sound. Music is curated, but the effects are primarily Foley or field recordings. Vocal performances from whomever I could get my hands on, unnamed here to preserve their dignity.

The script was written by me based on no knowledge of the original audio, and the monster was characterized by my childhood love for Chocolate Malt-O Meal. I did the design work in Adobe Audition, and it was packaged for playback in QLab 3, which was cued live during the final class period. The movement of Robot and the ship at the beginning are edits of various sounds from my car, the sound of breathing apparati was performed by rubbing two foam swords together.

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